The Dreamers of the world are gathering.
Should you be among them?
Help us build the foundations of the Dream Palace in Athens.


Beginning this September all participating dreamers will be invited to our preparatory virtual dream-seeding sessions. For this we have curated a full online programme of presentations, workshops and social dreaming experiments to encourage collective dreaming.

By taking part in this year’s virtual and/or in-person offerings in Athens, you are invited to be a part of the DREAM PALACE project as it develops over time.

A ten-day deep-dreaming Residency, a three day creative symposium, and a series of open-to-the-public, drop in deep-listening concerts, workshops and events.

Come and dream with us in Athens.  

Sweet dreams,

The Oneironautics Dept.

For more information about Iasos’s special full moon, lunar eclipse multi-media concert in Athens for Dream Palace, please click below.

Virtual Dream Palace

4th Sept - 16 Oct 
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Ticket gives you access to the full online programme of over 20 presentations that include expert keynotes, workshops and group dreaming experiments (live and recorded). The Virtual Dream Palace runs from 4 Oct to 16 Oct and features some of the most celebrated dream researchers, scientists, cultural historians, therapists and artists. 

You will receive recordings of all the Virtual Dream Palace sessions, as well as all the presentations made during the main conference day in Athens on the 27 Oct.

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Dream Palace Symposium

27-29th Oct
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Ticket gives you access to all of the Dream Palace Symposium events happening in Athens on the 27, 28 and 29 October.

This includes the main symposium, all workshops, deep-listening concerts - including our special event with Iasos,parties, performances, guided walks and many other experiences.

You will also have access to the full online programme from 4 Sept - 16 Oct (live and recorded).

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Deep-Dreaming Residency

20–30th Oct
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10 days of Radical Dream Work! Our Deep-Dreaming Residency is hosted by eminent dream mentors and therapists, workshop hosts, experimental musicians, and internationally renowned artists.

We have taken over an entire hotel in Exarchia - the creative and cultural heart of modern Athens, in a central and handy spot from which it is very easy to walk to museums, parks and ancient temples - with great coffee shops, bars and restaurants on the doorstep too. We have our in-house Dream Palace chef Nick working on a delicious dream menu too!

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