Celestial Soul Portrait of Iasos by Erial Ali.

Dream Palace Presents...

Anaxagora 3-5
Athina 105 52

SATURDAY 28th October 2023
9pm start

Concert only

Concert (28 Oct) +
Workshop (25 Oct) Combination ticket! Scroll down for information about Iasos’s workshop

ENTRY to this event is included in both the

The legendary Iasos has been making exquisite, otherworldly soundscapes since the early seventies. He released his first sublime album Inter-Dimensional Music in 1975. A college student studying cultural anthropology at the time, Iasos described feeling compelled to capture the exquisite music he was hearing in his head and called it Paradise Music.

A Iasos deep-listening concert is an extraordinary and unique event. As well as music, Iasos has also been making experimental, transcendent, visionary video art for decades and this show will be a full audio/visual experience.

This gig will change your life.

Our event will take place on the the full moon with a partial lunar eclipse too. Our venue Romantso has a Funktion-One sound system, so this will be one of the best places ever for the Iasos’s experience! Iasos’s opening Dream Palace invocation and offering ritual to the dream gods. 

About  Iasos

Iasos was born in Thessaloniki, Greece and raised in the US, he now lives in Maui, Hawai’i. This will be the first time he has ever given a concert in the country of his birth.

Iasos has come to be recognised as one of the earliest pioneers of New Age music, alongside luminaries such as Suzanne Ciani, Stephen Halpern, and Laraaji. Adored by vintage synth geeks as much as he is loved by sound healing aficionados. His original LPs are coveted treasures, they are considered precious gems by those who are lucky enough to own them.

Career-wise Iasos experienced something of an extra renaissance when Light in the Attic Records released: I Am The Center: Private Issue New Age In America, 1950-1990 this brought many exceptional New Age wizards and sorceresses to the attention of a new, new age audience and Iasos is now a favourite artist on NTS radio, Sound of the Dawn playlist, and Vice TV and print etc.

In 1989, research conducted by Professor Joel Funk at Plymouth State University reported that people who have had near-death experiences referred to the track The Angels of Comfort from Iasos's album Angelic Music as being closest to the music they heard during their NDEs by a wide margin. His music has also been used in many films and astronomy lightshows, it has been used by NASA to calm down astronauts (or something).


Iasos will also be running a workshop
as part of our ten-day


 20 -30 Oct, more info

Concert + Workshop Combo

Concert at Romantso
Workshop at Bios Cinema Room
Wednesday 25 Oct

Sound for Light-Body Activation & Dream-Access with IASOS

Iasos will take you on an experiential guided tour of the many different ways in which sound and music can be used for healing, alignment, consciousness-shifting, increased coherence, dream-access, and beneficial emotional and energetic change. This is a multimedia, instructional, experiential session: for each concept explained, Iasos will play a recording that experientially demonstrates that concept. By the end of the workshop, the group will have had a thorough, collective tune up - from experiencing all of these frequencies and harmonies together.

With the group in this primed and refined state, Sarah Janes shall then attempt a collective dreaming experiment.

Hope to see you in Athens!