The members of the Oneironautics Department are responsible for threading our dream web. They will be collecting and weaving the dreams of everyone taking part in this year’s Dream Palace.  These processes are wrought through experimental, yet tried and true Dreamaturgical techniques.

Every participant will be able to engage with our Dream Team from early September, this is included in the price of your ticket.  Our dream team of Dream Tenders and Dreamaturgues are:

Daisy Campbell

Daisy Campbell is a writer and theatre director.  She is a true force of nature. A stage visionary and crucial countercultural connector, she’s continually challenged audiences by pushing the boundaries of theatre to the outer fringes, and in the process has helped forge a self-perpetuating network of underground creatives across the UK.


Kate Alderton
Kate Alderton is a performer, theatre producer and dream-tending practitioner.She explores the deep imagination held in dreams, dreaming and the body, and the way land dreams though us. She practices one to one dreamwork, and hosts collective, community dreaming. She trained at Pacifica Graduate School and The Centre For Social Dreaming.


Leslie Claire

Cofounder and curator of the dream palace. Leslie Claire (UK/USA) is a multidisciplinary Artist, Director and Producer exploring Dramaturgy, Metaphysics and Embodiment. Leslie is the founder and director of Apiary Studios since 2009.


Sarah Janes

Cofounder and curator of the Dream Palace. Sarah is an author, researcher, and lifelong lover of dreaming. She studies the ancient history and culture of dreaming, magico-religious medicine and incubation sanctuaries. She hosts the lecture series Explorers Egyptology.


Tree Carr

Tree Carr is an American author, dream witch, death midwife and mystic. She has authored books on dreaming. She has also worked as a musician, singer, filmmaker and actor.


Jonah Emerson Bell

Jonah Emerson-Bell is a Tarot Reader, Astrologer, and visual artist with a background in Hypnosis and Integration Coaching. His work uses mythology, symbols, and archetypes to help make the unconscious conscious and to develop agency in the stories we are living out. He is currently based in Santa Fe, New Mexico where he is completing his graduate studies in Mental Health Counseling at Southwestern College.